Brand guidelines related to logo use for print and web also apply to video and video conferencing. Marketing and Communications has developed NMSU branded full screen templates for use. 

All video produced for New Mexico State University communication and educational purposes should include the following:

  • One of the branded video elements
  • Copyright information (© 2022 New Mexico State University - Board of Regents)
  • Closed captioning

All video and audio produced by NMSU should be closed captioned. If you are unable to provide closed captioning, you must provide other alternative access to communication, such as a transcript. 

What's the difference between captions and transcripts?

  • Captions: Text version of the audio content within a video, synchronized with the action on screen. Captions should be accurate, use correct punctuation, state in brackets who is speaking at the start of a new speaker, and indicate relevant ambient sound or emotional tone.
  • Transcripts: Text version of media content, most commonly used for making audio content accessible. A transcript should capture all the spoken audio, plus background noise that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible without hearing the audio.